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Multi-Room Audiovisual Systems

For most of us, music is a necessity. In the family room, the kitchen, the kids’ rooms, the garage!  It sets the mood, calms the nerves, and even motivates.  Let us design a multi-room system that enables family members to make individual selections from your CD collection or listen to a favorite satellite radio station—from anywhere indoors or out—with a touch to the keypad.

Think about coming home, pressing a button and being welcomed by sounds pre-selected to unwind you from your stressful day.  Meanwhile, your spouse is working out to his/her favorites at the other end of the house.  Your kids are in the living room with friends, listening to their personal playlist on their iPods. 

Imagine all your bulky electronics out of the way, concealed in a single location.  Gone are those stacks of components and the box speakers that intrude on any décor.  Speakers can be installed in or on walls, free standing, on a bookshelf or in-ceiling.

Watch DVDs and recorded TV programs from anyplace in the house. Begin watching your favorite show on the DVR cable box in your living room, pause the show, then resume where you left off as you move to the kitchen or bedroom. Create a home entertainment environment that truly adjusts to your needs throughout the day.

We partner with state-of-the-art manufacturers. View additional pictures on our portfolio page.

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