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Vivid Custom Home Systems

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Home Theaters

Vivid Custom Home Systems can design a home theater experience for any taste.  Whether you envision a plasma tv with surround sound or the authenticity of a drop-down screen and theater seating, we’ll create the environment of your choice. 

Our trained staff will present you with state-of-the art audiovisual solutions that are compatible with your lifestyle, your home’s architecture,  and your budget.  Lighting, soundproofing, automated controls, and décor are all options to consider in crafting a memorable  entertainment experience.

It’s important to work with experts who are meticulous about the details and accountable for all aspects of your final entertainment solution.  Professionals you can relate to, who will focus on your individual needs in order to customize and install a system that delivers peak performance.

We partner with state-of-the-art manufacturers. View additional pictures on our portfolio page.

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