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Vivid Custom Home Systems

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Home Automation Systems

Convenience. Comfort. Security.  That’s the meaning of home automation. Tailor your environment to your mood and schedule at the touch of a button…

Heating or Air Conditioning
Pool and Spa
Security Cameras
Window Shades
  1. Manage your surroundings from any room in the house, from the office, or while on the go.  A touch pad,  Internet-enabled computer, or even a cell phone can do the job. 
  2. View the nursery, garage or other home locations from anywhere with camera systems designed to safeguard your family.
  3. Listen to music or watch a DVD from any room.
  4. Schedule lighting, adjustment of window shades, and  audio settings for security while traveling. 
  5. Settings can match your routines—or be altered on a whim. The choice—and control—are yours.
  6. We partner with the following state-of-the-art manufacturers:
Elan Home Systems
Universal Remote
Vantage Controls

View additional pictures on our portfolio page.

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